Spring Cleaning Tip

As you begin spring cleaning, you may have the urge to clean everything in your house in one day, but take it slow. Go room by room and sort through items that you want to keep or donate. For extra savings, keep an itemized list of all items donated, you may be able to deduct the donations from your income taxes. While you're organizing, let us know if you have any special valuables or collectibles so we can have them scheduled to your home, renters or condo insurance policy.

All American Wrestler Mark Johnson Honored at NCAA Div III Wrestling Championships

This past Saturday, at the NCAA Division III Wrestling Championships Final in Cleveland, agency owner Mark Johnson was recognized for being an All American Wrestler while at Baldwin Wallace University. Mark finished 5th place in the country for his weight class at the championships in 1979. Mark was selected to lead in the 2018 All American wrestlers from his weight class (165) to the main mat, before the championship round on March 10. #markjohnson #mark #johnson #baldwinwal

Scheduled Personal Property

Contact us today for more information or visit our Tools & Resources page. #mark #johnson #scheduledpersonalproperty #oh #akron #homeowners #agency #insurance #agent #allstateagency #allstate #ohio