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Customer Spotlight: Don't Forget The List - Medina, OH

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Meet our customer Holy Becht (bottom-left) and Lisa Buie (bottom-right), co-owners of Don't Forget The List, an innovative travel company specializing in Surprise Travel and Mystery and Bucket List Tours.

Holly and Lisa first had the idea for this company at a moment in their lives when they were stressed out from the daily grind. They wanted to go somewhere, but didn't know where, so they threw a dart at a map and set out on a weekend adventure. After recovering from a spontaneous road trip involving the Mothman, a haunted hotel in West Virginia, a dead cave and an epic horseback ride into the mountains of Kentucky, the light bulb lit and they decided they HAD to plan trips like this for other people.

"Everyone needs a break and

everyone needs to fulfill their travel dreams!"


What is Surprise Travel, you ask?

Good Question. Surprise Travel is like throwing a dart at a map and going where it lands, only with the peace of mind that you'll end up on the perfect getaway tailored just for you.

How does Surprise Travel work?

First you choose your trip dates, length of stay, and whether you'd like to drive yourself, or take a plane, train or bus to your surprise destination. You can also choose to add any package upgrades to your trip. Then you will fill out a short survey to let Don't Forget the List's highly trained and efficient guides, know your likes and dislikes. All that’s left is to pack your bags and get excited!

A week before your trip, they will send you the weather forecast for the location you are heading and any other important details, like if there is anything you specifically need to pack.

Then a day or two before your trip you will receive your full itinerary including a travel journal, all your trip tickets, passes and suggestions of other fun things to do in the area.

Do you want to be really surprised?

Wait until right before you head out the door to find out where you are going!!

Not quite ready to take a Surprise Travel Trip on your own?

Don't worry, they've got you covered with Mystery Bus Tours. They are similar to Surprise Travel except they are guided and you go with a bus full of new friends. Mystery Bus Tours disclose the theme of the trip and the state you are going to, but you won't know the full itinerary until you are on the bus and headed on your way!

Think Louisiana Oddities, Blazin' Trails In Colorado or Ghosts on Broadway sound intriguing?

Then Mystery Bus Tours might be just for you!

If conventional travel, like going to see the Northern Lights in Alaska or a trip down Route 66, is more up your alley, then jump on a Bucket List Tour!

Relax and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a bus full of new friends and fun, professionally trained tour guides! With carefully crafted tours to epic destinations, you have nothing to lose and only bucket-list worthy memories to gain.


"We believe the power of exploration can rejuvenate your passion for life! Surprise Travel transforms how you vacation by leaving all the planning to us while awakening your sense of adventure. Our goal is to provide value and the highest level of satisfaction in our services, so your trip will truly be a once in a lifetime experience! Let us send you on a journey designed to ensure you Don’t Forget your Bucket List anytime soon."


Find out more:

545 W. Smith Rd.

Medina, Ohio 44256


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